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(LIVE SPORT<) France VS Venezuela live stream 7 August 2023

11:42 AM2 months agoBrayan Alcócer (Venezuela) assist by Daniel Pérez misses the target. 11:36 AM2 months agoChristian Mawissa (France) sees his effort hit the target after a pass from team-mate Ilyes Housni, but it goes wide. 11:28 AM2 months agoThe teams take to the field to start the ceremonies! 11:16 AM2 months agoThe Costa Rica-Arabia match in group A ended in a goalless draw, leaving 6 points for Arabia, 4 for France, 3 for Venezuela and 2 for Costa Rica. 11:13 AM2 months agoThe teams are in the stadium warming up.

: B Diomede. 10:42 AM2 months agoThe game will start in 45 minutes at the Lattre de Tassigny stadium. Both teams have already confirmed their line-ups. 12:25 AM2 months agoIn a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the France vs Venezuela match, as well as the latest information from the Stade de Lattre-de-Tassigny. Don't miss a single detail of the match updates and commentary from VAVEL's coverage. 12:10 AM2 months agoFrance and Venezuela are in Group A of the tournament, along with Costa Rica and Arabia.

12:44 PM2 months agoFoul by Eliesse Seghir (France) on Jon Aramburu (Venezuela). 12:40 PM2 months agoStart of the second half in Aubagne! 12:20 PM2 months agoEnd of the first half. 12:16 PM2 months agoFoul by Mamadou Sarr (France). 12:14 PM2 months agoCarlos Vivas (Venezuela) yellow card. 12:13 PM2 months agoYellow card for Eliesse Seghir (France).

10:51 AM2 months agoFrankarlos Benitez; Jesús Paz, Carlos Vivas, Andrés Ferro, Jon Aramburu; Andrés Romero; Yerson Chacón, Byant Ortega, Emerson Ruiz; Daniel Pérez, Brayan Alcócer. D. T. : Ricardo Valiño. 10:48 AM2 months agoBengui Joao; M Sarr, J Jacquet, L Yoro; S Kumbedi, W Zaire-Emery, N Byar, C Mawissa; E Ben Seghir, I Housni, M Tel. D.

12:05 PM2 months agoOffside of Venezuela. 12:05 PM2 months agoEmerson Ruiz (Venezuela) blocked shot. 12:04 PM2 months agoFoul by Bryant Ortega (Venezuela) on Warren Zaire-Emery (France). 11:57 AM2 months agoJesús Vásquez (Venezuela) blocked shot. 11:56 AM2 months agoFoul by Jon Aramburu (Venezuela) resulting in a free kick for France by Christian Mawissa (France). 11:50 AM2 months agoYellow card for Emerson Ruiz (Venezuela). 11:50 AM2 months agoYellow card for Jeremy Jacquet (France). 11:48 AM2 months agoCorner for Venezuela. 11:47 AM2 months agoGOOOOOOOOOOOOL FOR VENEZUELA, Andrés Romero opens the scoring in the first 15 minutes of play with a shot from the six-yard box after a pass from Yerson Chacón! 11:43 AM2 months agoCorner for Venezuela.

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1:27 PM2 months agoYellow card for Mayssam Benama (France). 1:26 PM2 months agoAndrés Romero (Venezuela) is fouled by Justin Bengui (France). 1:23 PM2 months agoCorner for Venezuela. 1:22 PM2 months agoYellow card for Luifer Hernández (Venezuela). 1:21 PM2 months agoGOOOOOOOOOOOOL FOR FRANCE, the home side equalize near the end of the game with a great finish by Ayman Aiki after an incredible pass from teammate Mayssam Benama! 1:14 PM2 months agoFoul by Ayman Aiki (France) on Jesús Vásquez (Venezuela).

Highlights and Goals: France vs Venezuela in Espoirs of Toulon 2023 | 06/11/20230-1, min 11, Romero. 1-1, min 87, Aiki. EVENT ENDEDVenezuela could not hold on to the victory and let France come back. Finally, from the penalty spot, France won the three points and the ticket to the next round. Wradio. com ADVERTISEMENT1:47 PM2 months agoFrance wins the penalty shootout with 3 penalties to 2! 1:27 PM2 months agoThe game will be defined by penalty kicks.

France vs Venezuela [LIVE] Score

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