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((FREE>>>>)) Online: France vs. Venezuela Live Stream 7 August 2023

1:27 PM2 months agoYellow card for Mayssam Benama (France). 1:26 PM2 months agoAndrés Romero (Venezuela) is fouled by Justin Bengui (France). 1:23 PM2 months agoCorner for Venezuela. 1:22 PM2 months agoYellow card for Luifer Hernández (Venezuela). 1:21 PM2 months agoGOOOOOOOOOOOOL FOR FRANCE, the home side equalize near the end of the game with a great finish by Ayman Aiki after an incredible pass from teammate Mayssam Benama! 1:14 PM2 months agoFoul by Ayman Aiki (France) on Jesús Vásquez (Venezuela). 1:13 PM2 months agoSaúl Guarirapa (Venezuela) sees an effort from very close range go off target to the left.

12:05 PM2 months agoOffside of Venezuela. 12:05 PM2 months agoEmerson Ruiz (Venezuela) blocked shot. 12:04 PM2 months agoFoul by Bryant Ortega (Venezuela) on Warren Zaire-Emery (France). 11:57 AM2 months agoJesús Vásquez (Venezuela) blocked shot. 11:56 AM2 months agoFoul by Jon Aramburu (Venezuela) resulting in a free kick for France by Christian Mawissa (France). 11:50 AM2 months agoYellow card for Emerson Ruiz (Venezuela). 11:50 AM2 months agoYellow card for Jeremy Jacquet (France). 11:48 AM2 months agoCorner for Venezuela. 11:47 AM2 months agoGOOOOOOOOOOOOL FOR VENEZUELA, Andrés Romero opens the scoring in the first 15 minutes of play with a shot from the six-yard box after a pass from Yerson Chacón! 11:43 AM2 months agoCorner for Venezuela.

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